IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR VICTORIA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello to victoria if you are reading this i am so happy it has been a while about a year actually mabey more i loss track you can talk to me over kik if you are up to it the name is hangfires ill even talk over video i ALSO HAVE AN oovoo account still if all else fails use the forever poet email and send a message to from remember were supposed to have tea together when were old enough. i looked at your phone number you sent me and a "kenna" answered but i looked up the voice mail and it said kenzi i can only assume your dad found out you talk to me please reply ill wait but if you dont answer ill have to march on down there with the tea to fulfill my promise your eternal friend Hang fire




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Inside Edit

by Hangfires Edit

You are different

on the inside

Were you chose the sky

you chose the ground

only you can be around

because only you can see inside of you


by Hangfires Edit

Way up there can you see me

up in that open space few have entered

were legends lye myths

unrolled are they true do you know?

Soon Edit

By Victoria Falls Edit

Are we there yet. Soon. When

will soon be.Soon enough. I

realize soon can be years,


seconds. The car stops were

here there's my answer soon

is here

Silent Cries Edit

by Hangfires Edit

When the noise fades away

do you hear the silent greeting of

the faint whispers in your ear

When the loud is quiet and quiet is loud

quiet but clearer than glass polished

to shine do you hear it in this noise listen.

I Wish Edit

by Victoria Falls Edit

OH what I wish I could change I want to change world suffering

Oh how I want to Stop world hunger

Oh how i wish ,oh how I could change

Stop wishing start changing!

Evening Edit

by Hangfires Edit

When the day turns down

the night turns up cool and black

light by stars comfort in sleep

do you watch the morning shrink or wait for it to grow ether way its our world

Forever The Remain Edit

by Hangfires Edit

The sea is bright through out

its life the wind blows

quiet waves of reflected star

the held water wont let go

it remains together forever

Be You Edit

by Hangfires Edit

When they bite don't mirror them

be you they will change you

so don't be them you are more like you

only you can be you

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